Cost Advantage and Financial Strength

At CAMBO, we take pride in our exceptional cost advantage and financial strength, vertically focused manufacturer with a remark able ability for cost control and own the lowest cost of outdoor cable manufacturer 15%-20% cheaper, which are integral to our success in LAN cable manufacturing.

Cost Advantage

CAMBO has achieved massive-scale integrated production. Our dedication to achieving the greatest cost advantage in LAN cable manufacturing is a cornerstone of our operations.

The CAMBO Group has made substantial investments in acquiring land and constructing our own factories, enabling us to eliminate rental expenses. To further enhance cost-effectiveness, we’ve heavily invested in solar power systems that provide us with free and renewable electricity. The large capital expenditure invested in the installation of solar power supply systems reflects our determination to secure cost-effective resources. CAMBO is the sole company in ourindustry that has implemented such a comprehensive solution.

Our massive-scale production model stands as a testament to our commitment to efficiency, as it significantly improves production efficiency while reducing manufacturing costs. The integration of raw material production further minimizes material costs, ensuring that our products maintain an unmatched cost advantage.There are CCA series of products have the lowest cost in the world

Financial Integrity

Our financial strength is a result of strategic decisions and unwavering dedication.

CAMBO has maintained a record for the past 10 years that CAMBO
has never delayed any payments to its supplier and we will
continue this record consistently. More to that, Our practice of
paying 100% in advance has garnered trust and respect, start
from 2020 that raw material were flying up, CAMBO adjusted its
financial strategy to pay 100% Cash in Front and this helped
CAMBO to get 5-7% lower on some raw materials, further
solidifying our financial edge. On the contrary, other companies
working hardest to get more credits possible from its suppliers.
With a No.1 reputation in financial management in this industrial,
CAMBO has maintained an impressive record of never delaying
payments for 15 consecutive years.

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